English Dogs - Mad Punx & English Dogs Vinyl LP

English Dogs - Mad Punx & English Dogs Vinyl LP

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English Dogs formed in October 1981 in Grantham and produced an explosive 7 track demo during 1982. The band toured as support to fellow punk band Charged GBH in Germany during early 1983 and followed this with a British tour supporting Discharge. In 1983 they signed to Clay Records also home of Discharge and GBH. The band released this awesome 6 track EP titled 'Mad Punx and English Dogs' in July 1983. With a fine production by Clay records supremo, Mike Stone.
This EP/Mini LP 12" from this band’s early punk period, is being reissued by PNV, this is the first domestic pressing of this album, the PNV reissue will also include the 7 track 1982 demo. includes, poster and booklet with unpublished photos


Max (The Millionaire)
Psycho Killer
Free To Kill
Driven To Death
Left Me For Dead

1982 Demo

Max The Millionaire
Spoils Of War
Join The Army
Street Fighting
Free To Kill
World War 2
Mark Of The Beast